scope of delivery
DIN rails
mounting plates
DIN rails
To fix terminal blocks or other components. Please note that the mounting of terminals on a DIN rail depends on the terminal type and manufacture(e.g. Conta, Phoenix, etc.) ArticleRailRail mounting lengthTotal rail lengthNo. of terminals for terminal sizeFor enclosure  mmmm2,5mm²4mm²10mm² TS 075TS 1549651084VA 075TS 122TS 32/359011012129VA 122TS 125TS 15100115151512VA 125TS 160TS 32/35128148181814VA 160TS 175TS 15148164272219VA 175TS 2023TS 32/35169189252518VA 2023TS 220TS 32/35186206292921VA 220/8TS 250TS 15226240423529VA 250TS 260TS 32/35229249343426VA 260TS 2823TS 32/35246266373728VA 2823TS 3323TS 32/35225315464635VA 3323/1TS 3323TS 32/35225315464635VA 3323/8TS 360TS 32/35328348515139VA 360TS 362TS 32/35328348515139VA 362TS 560TS 32/355305481007542VA 560TS220TS 32/35186206292921VA 220/9
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