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Plain enclosures without any equipment do not come under the CE regulations that are part of the EMC legislation. However, to still be able to offer our cust omers a reliable an uncomplicated solution for using aluminium EMC enclosures we have modified our standard aluminium versions. Through effective, yet simple alterations VARIANTA enclosures offer all-round EMC protection with maximum resistance to radiated noise.

Our basic EMC versions have been tested; you will find the test results in the following table. All results apply to empty, unmachined enclosures (no drilling, milling etc.).

Standard-EMC seal

  • Conductive pigments in basic silicone material : 64
  • Colour : beige
  • Shore A hardness DIN 53505 +-6 : 30
  • Specific resistance VDE 0303 : 0,008 Ohm/cm
  • Temperature range : -55C bis +125C
  • Density DIN 53479 A : 0,43g/cm
  • Elongation at tear DIN 53504 S1 : 140%
  • Ultimate tensile strength DIN 53504 S1 : 3,3
  • Tear- growth resistance ASTM D 624 B
  • Screening dB
  •      H-field 10 KHz : 67
  •      E-field 1 MHz : 130
  •      P-field 1 GHz : 110
  • other EMC seals upon request
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VA 12512580571aluminiumdetail
VA 15015064362aluminiumdetail
VA 160160160901aluminiumdetail
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